For more than 90 years, the North American Christian Convention has existed to provide ideas, inspiration, and identity to independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ representative of the Restoration Movement, its ministries, and their leaders. Our heritage has been served well by this conference – our annual connection point – and the significance of our autonomy, consistent pursuit of the scriptures and identity in Christ alone, without creed, denomination or central oversight has consistently made our movement one of the fastest growing traditions in America. Our desire to reflect and restore the principals of the first century church has impacted peoples and countries around the world and equipped leaders and ministries that resonate the shared vision of biblical authority, Christian unity and chase the call of the Great Commission.

As a changing media-centric culture, generational style and ever-increasing demand to provide our growing community with resources, mentorship and innovation endures. The need to expand the reach and impact of our movement has grown. For more than a decade, hundreds of our movement’s church leaders and ministry voices have been meeting, formally and informally, to discuss, concept and envision how this connecting point might best grow and adapt to meet these changing demands and serve best the leaders of our movement.

With all that supports and informs our rich legacy, the need to offer more services, practical solutions and rich mentorship opportunities have allowed for the concept of a year-round platform that would support this ministry growth has emerged. More than a conference event, a platform, that provides a connection place for church leaders to find the community, resources and a gathering place to find inspiration, mentorship, share innovation and contribute year-round toward the acceleration of our movement – the growth and leadership of Christ’s Church.

After four years of planning, meeting and group focus, this new platform – Spire – has been born. The SpireConference will signify the launch of this new ministry leader’s platform next October 8, 9, and 10 at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, Florida. We hope you will make plans to support and be a part of this exciting new beginning for our movement. The conference will be a new format, supporting what the NACC has always upheld, but will launch a new day for our movement, our churches and leaders as we seek to encourage and equip leaders who inspire a movement of healthy growing churches and accelerate a movement of the same.

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About NACC

The North American Christian Convention was an annual gathering of Christians for worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and networking.

Spire Network exists to encourage and equip leaders who inspire a movement of healthy growing churches.