About NACC

Mission Statement

The North American Christian Convention exists to provide ideas, inspiration, and identity to Restoration Movement Churches, ministries, and their leaders.

Vision Statement

The North American Christian Convention will bring together church members and leaders from diverse generations and ethnic backgrounds to encourage, equip, and empower them for greater impact in the Kingdom of God.

Core Values

  • Focus on world impact for Christ
  • Embrace the priority of preaching the Gospel and the high calling of ministry
  • Uphold the ideals, principles, and heritage of the Restoration Movement

What We Do

The North American Christian Convention is an annual gathering of Christians for worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and networking.

The convention typically features top-notch speakers, worship leaders and Christian talent. Workshops, Bible studies and networking events offer attendees resources for their ministries and churches.

A full teen convention, including main sessions and workshops, is scheduled each year in addition to a Children’s Convention and off-site trips for elementary-aged children.

Each year, the exhibit hall includes displays from hundreds of different organizations including Christian colleges, missionaries, churches, non-profit ministries, and publishing houses.

Our History

The NACC began in 1927 as a convention for vocational Christian leaders. Since the 1960s, the NACC has been an annual four-day summer convention attracting many vocational and non-vocational Christian leaders and their families.

The NACC office is not a denominational headquarters office. Each of the churches in North America that identify themselves as part of the fellowship of “Christian churches and churches of Christ” is independent and autonomously governed.

We have no official denominational organizational structure or polity. The only statement of faith of our 1.6 million members is the New Testament Scripture, and our only creed is Christ.

Contact Us

North American Christian Convention
110 Boggs Lane, Suite 330
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(513) 772-9970
[email protected]