NACC Leadership is comprised of the following areas of service:

The Board of Stewards is made up of 10 members including, the President, Past President, President-Elect, 6 At-Large Members and the NACC Executive Director.  The role and responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Ensure adherence to the NACC Mission.
  • Set and review corporate policies.
  • Provide review and accountability to the Executive Director and NACC Staff.
  • Ensure fiscal stability, including but not limited to, setting budgets and raising funds.
  • Approve cities and venues for NACC events.
  • Focus on long-range and strategic issues.
  • Support the NACC through prayer, attendance, and personal financial commitment.

Board of Stewards

Don Wilson

Phil Claycomb

Managing Director
Larry Collins (ex officio)

Gene Appel
David Faust
Ruth Reyes
Drew Sherman
Ben Simms
Jamie Snyder
Dave Stone

The Executive Committees are made up of thirteen members including the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, six at-large members, two Local Arrangement Committee Co-Chairs, National Prayer Chair, and the NACC Managing Director.

The President also selects advisor(s) who are invited to attend specific Executive Committee meetings.

The primary role of the Executive Committee is to:

  • Plan and implement all NACC programs for their appointed year.
  • Support the NACC through prayer, attendance, and personal financial commitment.

Specifically, the President’s role is to:

  • Provide leadership to the Executive Committee and Continuation Committee as they develop the program for the President’s NACC.
  • Invite persons to serve in the positions of National Prayer Chair(s) and Advisor(s), as needed, in consultation with the Managing Director.
  • Approve the Managing Director’s recommendations for the Local Arrangements Co-Chairs.
  • Serve as the primary NACC representative to the constituency through travel, writing and speaking engagements.
  • Serve on the Board of Stewards during the year after the summer meeting.

The other Executive Committee officers and members are to support the President and implement the agreed-upon plans for each year.

2017 Executive Committee

Gene Appel

Vice President
Teresa Welch

National Prayer Chair
Mark Chitwood

Local Arrangements Co-Chairs
Brad Fangman
Greg Montague

At-Large Members
Ben Cachiaras
Kevin Dooley
Tom Ellsworth
Ken Idleman
Doug Priest
Daryl Reed

Kit Dotson
Reggie Epps
Denise Harlow
Nikomas Perez

The Continuation Committee is composed of 120 At-Large Members including all eligible Past Presidents who represent the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ across the United States and Canada.

Continuation Committee members serve one overlapping three-year term. Current Continuation Committee members are listed below.

The primary role and responsibilities of the Continuation Committee are:

  • Serve as an advisory group to the Executive Committee and the Board of Stewards.
  • Attend all meetings of the Continuation Committee usually held in July and October.
  • Assist the Executive Committee to plan future NACCs during the October Planning Meeting by providing counsel on potential speakers, workshop topics, and workshop leaders.
  • Share potential contacts that may be willing to serve on specific NACC projects and programs.
  • Select Executive Committee and Board of Stewards members.
  • Assist the NACC by sharing how God is working in the churches and by assessing the needs of the churches.
  • Support the NACC through prayer, attendance, and financial commitment.
  • Promote registration and financial support from churches and individuals.

Continuation Committee

Past Presidents are listed in bold.

  • Steve Allen
  • Shane Armstrong
  • Raymond Bodley
  • Brandon Bradley
  • Jon-Michael Brown
  • Doug Bryan
  • Ben Cachiaras
  • David Case
  • Tom Cater
  • Rick Champ
  • Tim Cole
  • Jim Davis
  • Lisa Davis
  • Rob Denton
  • Randy Diebel
  • Ian Diorio
  • Kevin Dooley
  • Samson Dunn
  • Stephen Edwards
  • Tom Ellsworth
  • David Eubanks
  • Lee Harrison
  • Mark Gallagher
  • Kathy Girton
  • Chris Goldman
  • Jerry Goodbar
  • Rudy Hagood
  • Don Hamilton
  • Gincy Hartin
  • Ken Henderson
  • Roger Hendricks
  • Kevin Holland
  • Travis Hurley
  • Rowlie Hutton
  • Ken Idleman
  • Kevin Ingram
  • Jason Ishmael
  • Steve Jackson
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Russell Johnson
  • James Jones
  • Larry Jones
  • Caleb Kaltenbach
  • Darrel Land
  • Bill Lavely
  • Chris Lawler
  • Dale McCann
  • Luke McCoy
  • Nathan McDade
  • Cameron McDonald
  • Al Meakes
  • Alan Meneely
  • Tom Moll
  • Laurie Montague
  • Aaron Monts
  • Corey Mozey
  • Tim Neuenschwander
  • Frank Nichols
  • Rick Page
  • Sean Palmer
  • Darin Pratt
  • Doug Priest
  • Matt Proctor
  • Chris Reed
  • Daryl Reed
  • Bart Rendel
  • Wally Rendel
  • Devin Robertson
  • Pat Rohach
  • Josh Ross
  • David Rutherford
  • Dudley Rutherford
  • Larry Sams
  • Casey Scott
  • Wayne Shaw
  • Ben Simms
  • Paul Snoddy
  • Ian Stamps
  • Don Stowell
  • Matthew Sullivan
  • Matt Summers
  • Scott Sutherland
  • Clark Tanner
  • Mark Taylor
  • Bruce Templeton
  • Joe Tipton
  • Casey Tygrett
  • David Tysinger
  • Adrian Wallace
  • Ryan White
  • Joe Williams
  • Cole Willig
  • Earl Winfrey
  • Ashley Wooldridge
  • Aaron Wymer

Members of the NACC Committees and Staff should exhibit the following criteria:

  • Express a strong degree of interest in and commitment to active participation in the NACC.
  • Exhibit ability to fill committee roles with a broad range of skills, wisdom and experience in diverse areas of general service, planning, ministry, and constituent relations.
    Commitment to assuring the effectiveness and quality of the NACC and its programs.
  • Commitment to serving others in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Sensitive to matters that may be construed as conflict-of-interest.
  • Willingness to serve in a leadership capacity by investing time, imagination, intellectual ability, energy and reasonable material resources.
  • All NACC Committee Members are requested to sign a Statement of Financial Commitment.
  • Is a member of a church that identifies itself with the fellowship of Christian churches or churches of Christ.