Leadership Huddles

Wednesday and Thursday, June 27-28 | 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Every church is unique, but every church leader faces similar challenges: how do I develop future leaders? How do I manage change? How do I create a culture of discipleship, of generosity, of outreach? How do I grow my congregation and reach people for Christ?

At NACC 2018, you can “huddle up” with experts, coaches, and mentors who will listen to your struggles and share their experiences. Each Huddle will focus on a specific ministry topic and will consist of discussion groups of 8 participants. You will receive personal help while building an action plan and connections to other leaders that will last beyond the NACC.

Whether you’re leading a church of 100, 200, or 800, Huddles will help.

More Information Coming Soon!

Huddle Topics

  • Breaking the 200 Barrier
  • Breaking the 800 Barrier
  • Developing Leaders in the Church
  • Developing My Own Leadership
  • Working with Elders
  • Succession & Leadership Transitions
  • Creating a Culture of Generosity
  • Moving into Multi-Site
  • Planning for Growth
  • Managing Change
  • Effective Outreach
  • Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
  • Preaching
  • Ministry to the Next Generation

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