Memorial and Honor Gifts

In your gift correspondence, please clearly print the remembered/honored and donor names in the way you would like them to appear. Thank you for supporting the NACC. UNIQUE IDEA – Please consider giving in honor of a young person. It is a special way to recognize and encourage the next generation. — Gifts given September 1, 2016 through August 31, 2018 —

In Memory Of

Cloyd H. & Evelyn M. Arntzen Myra Lo. Arntzen Paul Bajko Victor Knowles Enned R. Baker Marjorie Baker Smith Robert & Dorothy Baker Clark & Glennie Tanner John L. Barker Patricia A. Barker Russell F. Blowers Ernest & Sharon Dykes Jane Brookshire Karl G. Kim Harry Bucalstein Les & Gretchen Christie Bruce B. & Janice Burdick Mark & Brenda Haven G. H. Cachiaras David & Marilyn Wead Amanda Lee Collins Larry & Marsha Collins Billy Paul Collins Larry & Marsha Collins Donald G. Corey Jackie Corey Fred Covey Greg Holbert Harold & Irene Coyle Rick & Lydia Coyle Dr. June Crabtree E. Richard Crabtree Jerry Crist Joyce Crist Elma Dean Joy Ellis Bob J. Daugherty Mary Frances Daugherty John E. Eggleton Phyllis M. Hurst Ray Esplana Gani Saludo Dr. Robert O. Fife Matt Shears Harry Gamauf Fred & Denise Wiseman Gregory W. Gardiner Nancy Gardiner Dr. Wayne E. Gardiner Nancy Gardiner Helen Gateba-Anderson Richard Anderson Bill Gaslin Charles & Leslie Wampler Regina Green David Fincher Franklin Hardy Kerry & Renetta Hookstra Tom Hassell Chuck & Tammy Hassell Harold & Lois Haven Mark & Brenda Haven Ken & Christine Henes Dave & Nancy (Henes) Moore Paul A. Hine Thelma Hine Dan Hogan Dr. Richard Hogan Cody Horne Ocala Christian Church Theresa Horton Mary Blanche Jungers Phebe Horton Huff Mary Blanche Jungers Warren Hughes Mary Lou Hughes Donald Hully Zona Hully E. Ray Jones David & Margaret Eubanks Ronald & Elinor Hackler Larry Jones Lawndale Christian Church Ken & Sandy Pedersen Bettye Lowry Charles H. Lowry Paul Mahaftey Patricia A. Nixon Martha Burris Martin Rebecca Nash Rowe Stanley & Mary Ann Martin Angela Martin Garnes Eugene P. Marvin Jackie Marvin Mike McCullah David Priestman Connie Mieir William Mieir Calvin E. Miller Dot and John Cachiaras Jeff Moody Rick Champ Rex Myers Kerry & Renetta Hookstra Ken Neisler Dale & Sally Miller Thomas W. Overton Sam & Janet (Overton) Ray Harry & Ella Packer Jane C. Packer Jim Pastol Greg & Judy Holbert Bob & Martha Pate Bill & Doreen Gross Calvin and Gail Phillips Betsy Magness Lee & Pat Magness Steve & Bethene Moore Lawrence Randle Max Blessing Curtis E. Reynolds Marie A. Reynolds DQ Roberts Jeffrey Jacobs Ted & Martha Rose Larry & Marsha Collins John Rowe Charles Lowry Katherine Rowe Cesar Saludo Gani Saludo Don Sams Ron & Barbara Sams Dr. Hugh Sensibaugh John & Dot Cachiaras Johnnie & Nita Smith Johnny & Jackie Griffin Wayne B. Smith Robert Hunsaker Barbara & Wally Rendel Chuck Stark Mary Ann Stark Gwen Stone Jeff & Johnnie Stone Dale & Arlene Storms Roger Storms Harold & Virginia Tanner Clark & Glennie Tanner Terry Tanner Edwin & Linda Seggelke Glen & Boots Templeton Phyllis Alderdice Sue Thomas Jim Thomas Fred Thompson Beverly Kleinjan Ashworth Dominador & Estrella Topacio Eli & Ruth Reyes Clyde H. True Phyllis True Paul True Phyllis True Kerry Vaughan Joe Vaughan Barb Walker Greg & Jody Holbert Dean E. Walker Matt Shears Gary Washburn David Fincher Donna Weinsheimer Chuck Weinsheimer Harold & Carolyn Williamson Tim & Kim Williamson John A. Wilson Terry W. Simonton Mildred C. Wilson M. Gail Wilson Patsy Wilson Jackie Corey Leonard Wymore Jim & Linda Eger W. Dennis Helsabeck Jr. Victor Knowles Doris Mills Phyllis J. Sanders Mark & Evelyn Taylor Leonard & Thelma Wymore Patsy Campbell Kathy Downs David & Margaret Eubanks Russell & Barbara Galbreath W. Dennis Helsabeck Jr. G.R. & M.A. Hinkle Lee & Pat Magness Connie Eger Payne Don Wymore Fred Wymore Thelma Wymore Patsy Campbell

In Honor Of

NACC Presidents Guthrie Veech Gene Appel Ryan & Haylie Allcott Lincoln Christian Church Howard & Martha Brammer Carol Ann Gilbert Carol L. Schmidt John & Dot Cachiaras Ben & Karla Cachiaras Bob & Vicki Cherry Guthrie Veech John & Glenda Craycraft Dave & Elaine Wright Don Green Jim Thomas Lewis M. King Betty W. King Gary & Hope Layman Johnny & Jackie Griffin Debbie Maurer Charlie & Heather Glisson Dr. Kal & Cindy McAlexander Dave & Elaine Wright Shawn McMullen Alex Lozada Ben & Pat Merold Harvester Christian Church Jonah & Donna Mitchell Wally & Barbara Rendel Jim North Alex Lozada Bob & Joann Phillips Jim & Janice Phillips The Rendel Kids Wally & Barbara Rendel David Roadcup Alex Lozada Drew Sherman Ryan & Haylie Allcott David Fincher Dorothy Thompson Beverly Kleinjan Ashworth Brad & Barbara Walden Wally & Barbara Rendel Emily Wingo Mark & Kelley Wingo

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