Aaron BrockettAaron Brockett

Traders Point Christian Church
Indianapolis, IN


A humble and passionate leader of Traders Point Christian Church, Aaron Brockett holds an undergraduate degree from Ozark Christian College in preaching and biblical studies, which is evident in his communication and ability to connect the Bible to real, everyday life. After serving in ministries around the country, Aaron and his family moved to Indianapolis in 2007 to serve at Traders Point.

Aaron and his wife, Lindsay, are passionate about seeing people all over the Indianapolis area come to know, trust, and follow Jesus, and have dedicated their lives to doing whatever it takes to help people experience and know Jesus for who He is.

Aaron, alongside a faithful and determined group of leaders and elders, has never been focused on numbers but instead, a fervent understanding of the story each number has--the lives of people whom God loves. The growth of TPCC has surprised Aaron as much as anyone, and in his words, "Jesus said it best in John 12 when He said, 'If you lift up my name, I will draw all people to myself.' We believe if you create welcoming environments, love people well, and remove barriers that keep people from Jesus, people will be drawn to that."