Supporting Individuals

The following listing shows all individuals who contributed to the NACC between March 2013 and April 2014. Your gifts to this ministry are appreciated. Thank you!

Giving $1,000 or more

Ahlgrim, Alan and Linda
Bunton, Michael and Cathy
Cachiaras, Ben and Karla
Cherry, Robert and Vicki
Collins, Larry and Marsha
Cornett, John and Sandra
Crist, Jerry and Joyce
Crozier, Doug and Julie
Davis, David and Linda
Derry, John and Jane
Galbreath, Russell and Barbara
Graybill, Calvin and Verna
Harlow, Tim and Denise
Hully, Don and Zona
Huxford, Cam and Sarah
Jarvill, Raquel and Merle
Laskowski, Donald and Phyllis
Lindsey, Daisy and Bob
Malott, Matt and Connie
Martin, Jason
Martin, Robert and Ruth
McCann, Dale and Judy
Merold, Ben and Pat
Nyman, Gary and Sandy
Pottinger, Derek and Becky
Priestman, David and Virginia
Proctor, Gene and Kathy
Reynolds, Troy and Stephanie
Rice, Sr., James (Jim) and Ivy
Russell, Bob and Judy (Chap Russell Nat’l Chr. Foundation)
Rutherford, Dudley and Renee
Sanow, Ed and Cynthia
Spangler, Gary and Rebecca
Stone, Dave and Beth
Tinkler, Mike and Debbie
Tune, Jim and Claudia
Vincent, Ron and Sherrie
Wakeland, Mark and Sherri
Wampler, Charles and Leslie
Willoughby, Timothy B. and Pamela

Giving $500 – $999

Agemy, Nancy and Daniel
Aggus, Jerry and Dee
Alexander, Roger and Norma
Austin, Lloyd and Joyce
Beamer, David and Peggy
Bellows, David and Linda
Blackmore, Ron and Leanne
Bodley, Raymond and Barbara
Brechbuhler, Clyde B. and Wanda
Bunton, Ruth
Caldwell, John and Jan
Campbell, Patsy
Carter, Ron and Pam
Claycomb, Phil and Barb
Comeaux, Mark and Cathy
Coyle, Richard and Lydia
Ellsworth, Tom and Elsie
Eubanks, David and Margaret
Faust, David and Candy
Fish, Martha
Franz, Rich and Alisa
Fulton, Dennis and Wanda
Gates, Jack and Sandy
Grover, Rick and Laura
Hanze, Tim and Debby
Harlow, Dan and Faye
Harris, Barbara
Harris, Barbara and Thomas
Hassell, Chuck and Tammy
Hayden, Marshall and Judy
Hinkle, Don
Hookstra, Kerry and Renetta
Idleman, Kyle and Desi Rae
Illman, Dwain and Marilyn
LaGrange, Robert and Nanette
Lawson, LeRoy and Joy
Linn, Don and Marcella
Linnemann, Stephen and Peggy
Magness, J. Lee and Pat
Milliken, Richard and Karolyn
Mitchell, Fred and Louella
Moser, Ray and Donna
Mossor, Verna and Rex
Odor, Kevin
Page, Rick and Suzanne
Pannell, Richard and Lynn
Penn, John and Brenda
Priest, Doug and Robyn
Rapp, Kevin
Reyes, Ruth T. and Elizur
Rickey, Thomas and Glena
Roth, Doyle and Jean
Ruble, John
Schwartzkopf, David and Karen
Scott, Terry and Carol
Shake, Warren and Susan
Sills, Betty
Smith, Wayne and Marjorie
Stone, Sam and Gwen
Stowell, Don A. and Sharlene
Switzer, Ron and Claudette
Trinkle, Steve and Dee
Vogel Trust — BE & VC
Warner, Thomas R. and Brenda
Weaver, Brad and Tammy
Welch, Teresa
Wilhite, Jud and Lori
Willinger, Louis
Willison, Cynthia
Wise, Dale and Peggy
Zastrow, Todd and Lynn

Giving $250 – $499

Ahlberg, Daniel and Becky
Alexander, Kurt and Denise
Allcott, Charles and Deborah
Ater, J. David
Barnett, Wayne and Carolyn
Blair, Christopher and Pam
Boren, Larry and Karen
Bradburn, Ken and Anita
Brammer, Howard and Martha
Brewer, Everett and Bonnie
Brummett, Jack and Donna
Chowning, William R.
Clark, Lawrence and Yvonne
Cole, Eleanor
Cork, Donald and Carolyn
Correll, James and Joy
Coull, Dennis and Shirley
Craner, John and Doris
Craycraft, John and Glenda
Davis, Merrill and Rebecca
Edwards, Welby and Linda
Elliott, Glen and Jolene
Feathers, Jonathan
Florence, Brett
French, Elliott and Doris
French, Scott and LouWanna
Gallagher, Mark and Marsha Sue
Garrison, Marvin and Vickie
Goodbar, Jerry and Sandra
Gore, Paul A. and Elayne
Hackler, Ronald and Ellie
Hansen, Andy and Marcia
Hantsbarger, Jon and Rita
Holmes, Tony
Howard, Buddy and Carrie
Hurst, Arthur and Phyllis
Jenkins, Jerry and Terri
Johnson, Andrew and Ginger
Johnson, Brian and Josanne
Kearns, Mark and Linnie
Kelley, Max and Carol
Kjergaard, Mike and Tracy
Laird, Allan and Patsy
Larson, Steven and Michelle
Limiero, David and Jan
Long, Larry and Margaret
Loos, Norman and Rosemary
Luce, Tom and Virginia
Mack, Joe and Debbie
Magness, Betsy and Ethan
Martin, Larry and Rosalyn
McClure, William and Martha
McKenzie, Randy and Karen
Mieir, Bill
Moll, Daniel and Ruth
Moll, Tom and Kay
Moore, Stephen P. and Bethene
Nickels, James and Effie
Nielsen, Rod and Lisa
Pepper, Ross and Mary
Phillippe, Tim and Mary
Pippin, George and Jeanette
Platt, William and Susie
Porter, Wilma S.
Ragsdale, Lynn and Betsy
Rendel, Wally and Barbara
Robb, Tim
Robertson, Robert and Melanie
Rosenik, Phil and Judy
Rusaw, Rick and Diane
Sams, J. Donald and Nancy
Schmitt, John and Lisa
Sells, Randy and Jayne
Simpson, William and Zella
Stivers, Ethan and Misty
Stokes, David and Marilyn
Stone, Jeff and Johnnie
Sturgeon, Howard and Jean
Sutherland, Joe and Sue
Sutherland, Scott and Melody
Thomas, Jim
Tysinger, David and Sherry
Underdwood, Sheri L.
Van Hooreweghe, Francis and Mary
Walton, David and Lorie
Ward, James E. and Fran D.
Wernimont, Steve
White, Virginia
Williams, Meredith and Heather
Wright, Roger and Linda

Giving up to $249

Acosta, Morgan
Adams, W. Herman and Gayle
Adona, Federico and Florida
Alexander, Dick and Betty
Alexander, Roland
Allbee, Jack and Harriett
Allen, Eric and Joyce
Altheide, Steven and Sheila
Altman, David and Rebecca
Alvarado, Sergio and Holly
Ammerman, Bob and Carol
Anders, Tom and Cristie
Anderson, Glenn and Linda
Anderson, Richard and Darlene
Andrews, Gene and Alice
Andrews, Gus and Lynn
Ansley, Ken and Marsha
Appel, Veva
Ashe, Mary Jane
Ashworth, Beverly
Atteberry, Mark and Marilyn
Austin, Buford and Linda
Austin, Glenda
Avant, Ted and Marie
Azbill, Robert
Babcock, Herbert and Virginia
Backus, David and Shirley
Bahr, Wayne and Sharon
Baker, Fred and Pat
Baker, John
Baker, Mike and Sara
Baker, William and Joni Sullivan
Balogh, Carol
Balzer, Joel and Brenda
Banfield, Miriam
Banta, Philip and Kathy
Barker, Carol
Barker, Patricia
Barlow, Steven and Michele
Barnes, Jonathon
Barnes, Larry R and Gloria
Barnes, Paul and Diane
Bartlett, Myron and Donna
Barton, Frances
Bauer, Norma Jean
Bear, Dallas and Lori
Beavers, Gene and Gayleen
Beckett, Charles and Mary
Beckman, Nona
Beerbower, Wendy
Begley, Bryan and Rachel
Bennett, Darin and Angela
Bennett, Marian
Benson, Van and Tammy
Bernhard, Robert and Gayle
Berry, Donald and Vivian
Bishop, Patricia
Black, Gary C. and Julie
Blanford, Keith and Linda
Bliffen, Jim and Joni
Bloemker, Bonnie and Archie
Boatman, Paul and Mary
Boden, Lanny and Melanie
Boeddeker, Constance
Boles, Ben
Bonner, Patricia
Bool, Cely
Borntraeger, Rick and Heather
Boswell, G.
Botkin, David and Loretta
Botts, Herbert
Bowland, Terry and Carol
Bowman, Richard
Boyer, James and Charlotte
Bozell, Dale and Debbie
Brackemyre, David and Cheryl
Bradley, Candace
Brandon, Ches
Brandt, Karen
Brandt, Tony and Monica
Brennan, Joseph
Bretzlaff, Kim
Brewer, David
Brewer, Robert and Sharon
Bridgewater, Ron and Stacey
Brinson, Kathleen
Broaddus, Chad and Allison
Brooks, Todd
Brown, Daniel and Eileen
Brown, Daniel and Gloria
Brown, R Roger and R Louise
Brown, Richard and Ruth
Bryan, David and Kari Lu
Buckham, Julie
Buckley, James and Glenda
Buffington, Laura
Burgess, John and Mary Jane
Burkett, Robert and Anita
Burnett, David
Burt, Ruth
Buschman, Rachael
Bushnell, Orrin and Nancy
Butler, Rosie
Bycroft, David and Kathy
Calderon, Susan
Call, Larry
Campbell, David and Mitzi
Campbell, L. D. and Joyce
Caraway, Joseph and Joan
Carey, Mary Louise
Carlson, Marcia
Carman, Dennis and Alicia
Carmony, Patti
Carswell, Jadith and Robert
Carter, Edward K.
Carter, Gary and Terri
Casey, Phil and Susan
Catalfamo, Margaret
Cervik, Teresa
Chamberlain, Emily
Chambers, Arron and Rhonda
Chambers, David and Alice
Champ, Rick
Chanslor, Sam and Melanie
Childress, Charles L.
Christian, Mark and Heather
Christie, Les and Gretchen
Chubb, Mary
Claibourne, Leah
Claibourne, Linnea and Thomas
Clark, Sherry
Cleary, Laura L.
Clifford, Carol and Dick
Close, Tim
Cluff, Tom and Jeanette
Coffey, Mark
Collins, Dean and Penny
Cook, James and Christine
Cook, Robert and Linda
Coquillard, Joe
Corbin, Dan and Denise
Cordes, Steven and Theresa
Cotterell, Mary
Cotton, Knute and Joan
Cottrell, Dan and Mary
Couch, Aaron
Couch, Joyce and Fred W.
Cox, Bill and Bonnie
Cox, Karen and Tom
Crabtree, E. Richard and June E.
Craig, Dan and Karen
Craig, Jim and Linda
Crane, Donna
Crocker, Bradley
Custer, Jimmy and Marilyn
Custer, Johnny
Damron, Dave and Jennifer
Dane, Samuel and Patricia
Danley, James and Linda
Daub, Luann
Davis, Frank and Rebecca
Davis, James
Davis, Jere and Charlene
Dawson, Andrew and Kayla
Delinger, Mary Jane
DeLoe, Raymond and Rhonda
Dennis, Denny and Kathy
Denny, Gerald and Ruth
DeWelt, Chris and Carol
Diefendorf, Karen and Walt
Dillon, Harry and Marilyn
Dodson, Kathy
Dongerdive, John and Heather
Dooley, Kevin
Dorsheimer, Daryl
Dosier, Richard and Dalora
Douglas, T. Wayne and Evadne
Downs, Kenneth and Dee
Dueringer, William and Susanne
Dunaway, Phyllis
Dunaway, Thelma
Duncan, Bobby and Connie
Duncan, David and Libby
Dutka, Duane and Annette
Eernisse, Jeffrey and Tammy
Eger, James L. and Linda
Eichenberger, Dave and Rosalie
Eident, Richard and Joy
Elam Lowe, Charlotte
Elam, Diana and Doug
Ellegood, William and Lynn
Ellis, Bob and Ann
Ellis, Joy
Ellis, Ray
Ellis, Zona and Anthony
Elmore, Dean and Claire
Elston, Chuck and Doris
Erwin, David and Shari
Erwin, Randy and Beth
Esham, Robert and Carol
Estes, Robert and Carolyn
Eubanks, Philip and Nancy
Evans, Bob and Brenda
Evans, Charles and Alice
Eynon, Scott and Lori
Fangman, Emilie and Michael
Farar, Michael and Elizabeth
Farthing, Gary A. and Mary Ellen
Fawley, Dorothy J.
Felgar, Roger and Mary
Fender, Vivian
Ferguson, Charles and Melissa
Fessler, Mark and Ann
Finch, Dorothy and Robert
Fine, W. Edward and Billye Joyce
Fink, Margaret
Fink, Norma
Finley, Gary and Rosie
Fish, Gregory and Emily
Fish, Philip
Fisher, Michael and Adrienne
Fleischer, Irma
Fleischman, Don
Flora, Isaac and Faye
Flora, Kurt and Saundra
Folden, Richie
Forthman, Alan and Dorothy
Fowle, William and Cristi
Fowler, Chip
Frame, Thelma
Freeland, Kent and Mary
Friend, Carlos and Ruth
Galbreath, Maxine
Gallagher, Bill and Mary Jo
Gardiner, Nancy
Gariss, Randy and Julie
Garner, Richard and Jo Ann
Garnes, Angela
Gehring, Margaret
Gibson, Marbeth and Bob
Gibson, Roy and Susie
Giese, Brian and Sylvia
Giffin, Brad and Kristine
Gilbert, Jack and Carol Ann
Gill, Jeff and Brenda
Girton, Mike and Kathy
Glatthaar, Patricia
Goble, Ken and Ramona
Gonwa, Lisa
Good, Gary and Rhetta
Goodwin, Michael and Sarah
Goold, Richard W.
Gracesqui, Amaury and Catherine
Graham, Mark and Rhonda
Graham, Sharon and Michael
Grandon, Joel and Luann
Grant, Mysti
Grasham, Gene and Barbara
Green, David and Faye
Green, Lewis J. and Mina L.
Greene, Shelley and Ken
Greer, Phyllis and Charles E.
Gresham, Melvin and Marilyn
Grimes, Jerry and Lisa
Grimm, Stacy
Grondin, Chad and Stephanie
Gross, Bill and Doreen
Grove, David
Guercio, Maxine
Guthrie, Larry and Sharon
Hafling, James and Michelle
Hahn, Randall and Betty
Hale, Vickie
Hall, Charles and Robin
Hall, Jonathan
Hampton, John and Melinda
Harden, Mary Lou
Hardy, Lynn and Gail
Hargrave, Douglas and Tanya
Hargrave, Erica
Harley, Larry
Harp, Mel
Harper, Todd and Shelly
Harris, Andy and Debbie
Hart, Robin and Paula
Hasselbring, Zelma and David
Haven, Mark and Brenda
Hawkins, Michael
Hawley, Jeffrey and Donna
Hayes, Shirley
Heilman, Michael and Julia
Heimerdinger, Fred and Judy
Helms, Joe and Patricia
Helsabeck, William D.
Helton, Bobbye
Henderson, Shirley
Hendricks, Roger and Jayne
Herbsleb, Darlene J.
Hermoso, Josie and Nila
Hespelt, Sue
Hiatt, Truman and Cheryl
Hickman, Melinda
Hill, Charlotte
Hills, Jeff and Robbin
Himes, William and Brenda
Hine, Thelma and Paul
Hinkle, Darrell and Linda
Hochmuth, Charles and Delores
Hoffman, Tyler and Shalee
Hogan, Kathy
Hogan, Richard and Joan
Holbert, Greg and Regina
Holden, Jerry and Glenna
Holder, Philip H. and Harriette
Hollon, Hazel
Holness, Denzil and Alice
Hopkins, Gail and Caroline
Hotchkiss, Esther
House, Laverne and Karlane
Huddleston, Claudia Beth and Paul
Hudspeth, Jack and Lynnette
Huffer, Kay and Jerry
Hull, Jonathan and Erin
Hunsaker, Robert and Ramona
Hunt, Nikki
Hurley, Charles and Christine
Hurley, Travis and Dena
Huron, Rod and Autumn
Huston, Gene and Drema
Idleman, Ken and Kaylene
Ingram, Kevin and Lisa
Irwin, Tamara
Jacobs, William and Dana
Jaekel, Tom and Seatta
Jech, Kerry and Jane
Jett, Rick and Nancy
Jimenez, Rosendo and Connie
Johnson, David
Johnson, Lloyd
Johnson, Mark and Linda
Johnston, Rob and Betty
Jones, Betty
Jones, Fred and Evelyn
Jones, Irving and Darlene
Jones, James
Jones, JK and Sue
Jones, John C.
Jones, Jr., Paul and Kristina
Jones, Patricia
Jones, Robert
Jones, Timothy K. and Pat
Joslin, Jerl and Dani
Jungers, Mary Blanche and Jack
Justice, Richard
Kakac, Carroll and Karen
Kast, Michael and Jill
Keeton, David and Barbara
Kehrer, Steve and Vicky
Kelly, Steve
Keppel, Philip W. and Nancy
Kern, Dennis and Nancy
Kern, Nathaniel
Kester, Bill and Pam
Killion, Ben and Sue
Kimbler, Cheryll and Dan
Kirby, Carolyn and Glenn
Kirtlan, Jerry and Bonita
Kleinjan, Ruth and William
Kline, Alan W. and Barbara
Kline, Floyd A. and Carol
Klumpp, Shirley
Knapp, Gary W. and Janice
Knoles, Warren and Deborah
Knowles, Victor and Evelyn
Knox, Barbara
Kobek, William and Barbara
Kragenbrink, Bruce and Sandi
Krause, Mark and Susan
Kuester, Boyd and Bonnie
Lambert, Dean
Lambson, Sunny
Lamm, Marvin and Alisa
Lammert, Chet and Joyce
Lamson, Tony
Lane, Raymond K. and Judith
Lang, Dan and Brenda
Lang, June and J. David
LaRue, Alan and Pat
Laughlin, Lynn and Lois
Lawler, Christopher and Emily
Lawson, Nathan
Lawson, Vernon R. and E. Marguerite
Leavens, Paul and Luana
Lee, Grady and Martha
Lee, Harry
Lee, John R.
Lee, Nelson and Nancy
Leite, Francisco and Sue
Leitterman, Kasey
Leivan, Mary
Lemmon, Helen
Lemmon, Robert
Leslie, Bill and Dianne M.
Lewis, Clayton
Lewis, Joe and Susan
Lewis, Sidney
Lieb, Roger and Trena
Liggett, Cheryl and Steven
Lindsay, Davis and Lynne Ellen
Linn, David
Little, Dennis and Jean
Logsdon, Bill
Long, Barney and Anna Marie
Long, Carrie
Lorenz, Emil and Lynda
Lorenz, Lance
Lowry, Charles and Bettye
Lowry, Paul and Jean
Lozada, Alex and Heather
Lozada, Norma and Angel
Lundy, Jackie
Lyles, Larry and Kathy
Mabie, Jim and Juanita
Mackey, Tom
Malcom, Darrel and Karen
Maldonado, Irene
Mann, Ruth
Manning, Geri
Maple, James and Lisa
Marchbanks, Martin
Mardis, James
Martin, Phil and Kim
Martin, Richard
Martin, Richard and Kathy
Marvic, Vincent and Patricia
Mason, David and Judy
Mathis, Bill and Dee
Matthews, Helen
Maurer, Benji and Liz
McCarty, Ruth and George
McCauley, Dale and Renea
McClintic, Jeff and Tamra
McClintock, Lynda Ruth
McClish, Dan and Pam
McCombs, Aaron and Rhonda
McConnaughhay, Dennis and Joyce
McCracken, Jack and Marian
McDaniel, Denton and Diane
McGhee, Darren
McGilvrey, Mark and Jeannie
McGuire, Kenneth and Carole
McKowen, David and Diana
McLaughlin, Mattie
McMillan, Larry and Roberta
McQueen, Ed and June
Meade, Ken and Jan
Meakes, Elvin and Linda
Merchant, Howard and Nova
Metsch, Ruth
Meyer, Ron
Michael, Wayne and Sue
Middleton, Joe and Betty
Milby, Mike and Nancy
Miller, Calvin and Jean
Miller, Dale and Sally
Miller, Donald R. and Beth
Miller, Frank and Karen
Miller, Jackie and Jeannine
Miller, James and Kaye
Miller, Mark and Lori
Miller, Max and Barbara
Miller, William and Margaret Jane
Millner, Margaret
Mills, Doris
Minton, Dan and Lynn
Minturn, Joe and Ellen
Mirante, Linda and Paul
Monroe, David and Merilee
Montgomery, Roberta
Moore, Allyson
Moore, Robert and Mary
Morgan, Sandra
Morris, Gail
Morris, Ken and Sue
Morrow, Bryan and Kimberly
Morrow, Kevin and Rebecca
Mosher, Richard
Mount, Daryl
Mountcastle, Howard and Lovell
Moxley, Justin and Tiffany
Moyers, Cindy and Kevin
Mullins, Will and Karen
Murfin, Roger
Murphy, C. Wayne and Diana
Mycroft, Duane and Sandra
Myers, Bryan and Diane
Myers, Lewis and Dolores
Myers, Ruth
Myers, Scot and Pam
Nedza, Donald and Deb
Nelson, Darold and Shirley
Newland, Paul and Jane
Neyhart, Phillip and Phyllis
Nichols, Sherman and Carrie
Niemeier, Clifton and Doloris
Noll, Judy
North, Roger and Kathleen
Oakes, Douglas and Karen
Olmstead, Gary
Ormord, Steve and Debra
Ott, Jeremy and Melissa
Packer, Jane
Page, Stewart and Nancy
Palmer, Robert and Mary
Panko, Richard and Gert
Parkerson, John and Gale
Paul, Scott and Jennifer
Peak, Lisa
Pechawer, Dr. Larry and Julie
Pedersen, Tracy
Perkins, Trudy
Perrey, Philip
Perry, Chuck
Perry, Ernie and Pam
Perry, Robert L. and Karen
Peters, Georgiana
Peterson, David and Valarie
Pettyjohn, Gary and Camie
Pfotenhauer, George and Harriet
Phillips, Calvin
Phillips, James and Janice
Pippenger, Milt and Maribeth
Pittinger, Ruth Anne
Plass, Sandy
Platt, Daer and Judith
Points, Danny and Linda
Polsgrove, Marilyn
Porter, Gary D. and Bobbie
Porter, Gene and Tootsie
Poston, Tom and Barbara
Potter, Robert G. and Sue
Powers, Sam and Laura
Poznich, Jason and Kayla
Pressley, Johnny and Jeannette
Price, James W. and Deidra
Priddy, Erlene
Proctor, Matt and Katie
Pruett, Phebus L. and Edna
Pruett, Roy and Elizabeth
Pullen, Alan and Diane
Pyatt, Lucille
Pyle, Allynne
Pyles, Michael and Carole
Ramey, David J. and Jo Ann
Raulston, Justin and Megan
Ray, David and Carol
Raymond, Rodney
Raynor, Rob
Ream, Bonnie
Reece, A. Paul and Judy
Reed, Dave
Repella, William and Billie
Revisky, Steve and Sammie
Reynolds, David C.
Reynolds, Harold and Elaine
Reynolds, Jen
Reynolds, Randall
Rhodes, Carl
Richard, Brian and Jennifer
Richards, Dallas and Jane
Richardson, Chuck and Janice
Richason, Tom and Moni
Richmond, Scott and Kay
Ridenhour, Jim and Sharon
Risinger, Ann and Dick
Roberson, David and Monica
Roberts, Adelle
Roberts, Mark
Roberts, R. David
Roberts, Randy
Roberts, Rothstine and Adelle
Robertson, Bruce and Mary Ann
Robertson, Howard and Marilyn
Rodriguez, Debbie
Rogers, Gordon
Rollins, Garry and Patty
Rorabaugh, David
Rose, James D.
Rosenbaum, David and Patricia
Rosendo, Jimenez
Ross, Arnold and Jo
Ross, George and Sue Linn
Rossen, Eileen
Rote, LeRoy and Wendy
Rowland, Darrel and Kristina
Ruetenik, Tom and Kathy
Ruiz, Octavio
Saco, James and Linda
Sams, Daniel
Sams, Stephen and Lisa
Sawyer, Joan
Scales, Gerald K. and Jo Ann
Schaeffer, Conrad and Carol
Schake, Heather and Trent
Schmidt, Carol L.
Schmidt, Joseph L and Nancy
Schneider, Nancy
Schneider, Norma
Schoner, Gordon and Esther
Schooler, Chris and Sandy
Schulte, Brent
Schultz, Carie and Craig
Schultz, Larry and Kaye
Scott, Bob and Phyl
Scott, Mark and Carla
Sears, Harold and Phyllis
Seibel, Tim
Seitz, John and Gail
Shackelford, Martin and Faith
Sharp, Patricia
Shaw, Wayne and Janet
Shepherd, Terry and Wilda
Shepperd, Richard
Sherk, Donald and Joan
Sherrod, Thomas and Carolyn
Shoff, Jerry and Marti
Siegel, Eric and Donna
Simms, Ben and Janet
Simonton, Terry and Sandra
Sipos, Amani
Skaggs, John and Lisa
Sloan, Kathy
Smart, L.A. and I.M.
Smart, Russell and Donna
Smith, Charles and Peggy
Smith, Jerry and Marietta
Smith, Marjorie
Smith, Mike and Pam
Smith, Steward and Ladena
Smith, Walter
Snoddy, Paul M. and Barb
Snyder, Elizabeth
Snyder, Jamie and Alex
Sowers, Henry
Spangler, Ida
Speirs, Dave and Karen
Spencer, Robert and SuEllen
Spendlove, Andrew and Jennifer
Spicer, Cynthia
Spiel, Robert and Linda
Spray, Ronald and Glenna
Spring, Roger and Debra
Sproles, David and Neena
Staton, Knofel and Julia
Stauffer, David
Steckley, Willoughby
Steele, Cathy
Steele, Marilyn M.
Steen, Don and Alisa
Stephens, Annette
Stewart, Nigel
Stewart, Reenie
Stewart, Richard H.
Stier, Mark and Patricia
Stiles, Ryan
Stoker, Bruce and Sandi
Stokes, Kenneth and Sandra
Stoll, Don
Storms, Roger
Strain, Mary Ruth
Strother, Jack and Celia
Summers, Matt and Janice
Susong, Rodney
Sutherland, Natasha
Swartz, Martha and Edward
Swearingen, Jeff and Peg
Sweitzer, Jerry and Mary
Swihart, Daniel
Swihart, Sharon
Swinney, Greg and Laurie
Tatum, Ron
Taylor, Mark and Evelyn
Taylor, Virginia
Teegarden, Richard
Tendy, Rich and Norma
Tevis, John and Flora
Thacker, Jay and Jena
Theobald, Douglas and Polly
Thomason, Stephen and Linda
Thompson, Gary C. and Chris
Thompson, Lyle and Joyce
Thompson, Rodger and Connie
Thorne, B. J. and Sue
Thurman, David and Susan
Tisdel, Wendy
Todd, Don W.
Tolbert, Tyler
Tovey, Pat and Gene
Towers, Terence G. and Janice
Townsend, Greg and Donna
Tripp, Eric and Karena
True, Phyllis
True, Roy and Sheila
Truesdell, Dennis and Janie
Truman, Donald and Nancy
Tucker, Tom
Turner, Dennis and Michelle
Tuttle, Mike and Sandy
Twist, Robert and Donna
Twist, Tony and Suzanne
Ubaldo, Efigenia
Underwood, Dave
Upchurch, David
Utley, Marsha
Vance, Joyce E.
VanDyk, Mike and Marilyn
Vandyke, Kay and Robert
Vest, William and Phyllis
Viner, Tim
Vinson, Kent and Linda
Wagner, Larry and Rebecca
Wagoner, Lee
Wakefield, Scott and Dagny
Walther, Janet
Wamsley, Dick
Ward, Patty and Kevin
Warden, Sue
Warren, Virgil and Ruth Ann
Weaver, Linda
Webb, Carlos and Ruth Ann
Weber, Verna and Bill
Webster, Bruce and Donna
Weddle, Judy
Weece, Gene and Donita
Weece, Jon and Allison
Weinsheimer, Charles M.
Weisberg, Randall and Barbara
Welch, Doug
Welch, Lyle
Wells, Alfred and Barbara
Werner, Charles and Mary Lou
Wernimont, Ronald and Rosalie
Wert, Clifford and Pam
Wheeler, Glen V.
White, Doug and Lorie
White, Marie and Robert
Whited, Becky and Mark
Whitener, Randall and Jane
Whybrew, Shane and Kris
Wieck, Lanette
Wilder, Robert and Linda
Wiley, Colleen
Wilkinson, Woody and Rose
Willbur, Michael and Patricia
Williams, Gary and Vicki
Williams, Steve and Elaine
Williams, Weston and Jenny
Willis, Cam
Wilson, Janyce
Wilson, John A. and Jane
Wilson, Richard F. and Nancy
Wilson, Rolland and Joan
Wimpelberg, Thomas and Cara
Winegardner, David
Winfrey, Earl and Michael
Winger, Robert and Evelyn
Winger, Sam J.
Wingfield, Paul
Wiseman, Fred and Denise
Wissler, John and Sue
Wolf, Sue
Wolfe, Al and Sharon
Wolfenbarger, Jean and Robert
Woll, Lois
Wong, Teresa
Wood, Barbara and Floyd W.
Woodard, Wayne and Monica
Woods, David and Cynthia
Worrell, Bill and Diane
Worsham, Roger and Cheri
Wright, David and Elaine
Wright, James
Wright, Lewis
Wright, Marie
Wymer, Aaron and Cynthia
Yakel, Marvin and Mary
Yakey, Phil and Marian
Young, Charles and Liz
Zack, Jim and Faith
Zimmerer, Greg and Amy
Zinser, R.D. and Debbie

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